Women in the Spotlight- Caroline Pinal

Caroline Pinal

has been a driving force within the real estate industry. Her focus on helping others has made a tremendous impact on the industry. Through years of giving back, Caroline has certainly made a name for herself, all while putting others first.

            Caroline was born and raised in the Mojave Desert. She attended California State University Long Beach where she majored in journalism. Some of the companies she previously worked for include The Walt Disney Company and Fox News. Caroline always knew she wanted to give back in a creative way, which was the initial spark to her instrumental career.

            Before co-funding the organization “Giveback Homes”, Caroline worked at the infamous footwear company, TOMS. TOMS also made it their mission to give shoes to children in need. Her time spent at TOMS helped foster her “giving back” attitude. It was here she was able to work alongside Blake Andrews, who shared a similar vision of service with Caroline. The two fostered their passions and experience to create Giveback Homes.

            Giveback Homes was founded in 2013. The goal is to inspire businesses to help make social change and they provide safe homes for families around the globe. Giveback Homes is a way for many in the real estate industry to make a positive impact within their communities. What began with one member, Nick Schneider of Schneider Properties in Manhattan Beach, CA building his first home for a family in need, has grown into numerous partners with various companies. Brokerages, agents, and companies across the U.S. have volunteered and donated within their communities and across the globe. Not only does Giveback Homes create safe homes for families in need, they have also provided clean water and have helped after natural disasters have hit. Some notable real estate companies Giveback Homes has partnered with includes Zillow, realtor.com, and Concierge Auctions, among others.

            Not only does Giveback Homes help to those in need, it also serves as great marketing for the companies who partner up. What a great marketing asset for realtors! Caroline has been an incredible driving force of merging real estate with social change. Her hard work and dedication to helping others has certainly not gone unnoticed.