Core Values


What We Stand For

RCN Core Values Operate With Integrity

RCN Capital operates in our customers' and employees' best interest by regularly having authentic and open conversations about our process, policy, and products.

RCN Core Values Partnerships Drive Success

RCN Capital succeeds by building strong and equitable partnerships. By aligning our goals, we develop lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.

RCN Core Values Develop Our People

At RCN Capital, our people are our greatest asset. We encourage employees to grow personally and professionally by providing training and educational opportunities to advance in the areas they value.

RCN Core Values Communication

Open communication and collaboration are critical to RCN Capital's success. We continue to lead the industry by listening to our teams, our partners, and our clients so that we can take an out-of-the-box approach to problem solving.

RCN Core Values Commitment To Excellence

At RCN Capital, we achieve excellence by providing our customers with outstanding products, exceptional service, and the very best customer support. We are committed to accomplishing the goals we set together.

RCN Core Values Value Diversity

RCN Capital respects and appreciates differences in race, age, gender, orientation, educaton, physical abilities, and religion among people. We believe in the value that our diverse teams and partners bring to us, and advocate for an environment that is inclusive and supportive to all.