Why Right Now Is a Great Time to Invest In Multifamily Real Estate

Out of all types of real estate, multifamily homes make for one of the most reliable and stable investments. For starters, they provide a great return-on-investment (ROI) for owners when all units are rented out. Multifamily properties also tend to appreciate in value regardless of greater market conditions. That makes them perfect for times of economic downturn, like what the market is experiencing today. When you consider all the other benefits these properties provide, an investment in multifamily homes can be very appealing. Continue reading to learn more about multifamily properties, and why right now is a great time to invest in one.

Market conditions favor multifamily property

With interest rates rising in recent months, it may not make as much financial sense to purchase and hold a single-family property for rental income. However, since multifamily homes provide a significantly higher cash flow, they can still be a very profitable investment. This quality of multifamily properties makes them very desirable to real estate investors in any market. That’s also why even in times of economic downturn multifamily homes tend to hold their value, or even appreciate. And since people will always need a place to live, you can expect to have no trouble finding tenants for the units either.

They make for a great inflation hedge

Inflation is becoming a rising concern for more and more investors in today’s market climate. People are looking for smarter ways to invest their money so they can outpace inflation’s effects. The appreciation that multifamily homes provide makes them naturally good for this. And when you factor in the rental income these properties provide every month, you find that they make for one of the best inflation hedges. If you’re looking for a way to protect your wealth from inflation, you should consider an investment in multifamily real estate.

What makes multifamily homes such a good investment?

1. Tax benefits

One of the best advantages of owning multifamily property is how much it can bring you in tax savings every year. You can perform a cost-segregation study to benefit from depreciation on your property. With a cost-segregation study, you depreciate all of the assets on your property over the usable lifespan of those assets. Even if your home is actually appreciating, you can still amortize the value of it over a usable lifespan of 27.5 years. Plus, everything from furniture to appliances and external upgrades can be included in the study. When you consider all the items which can be included, you can see how cost-segregation leads to massive savings for you as the owner.

2. They’re perfect for property management

If you’re looking to turn your investment into a more passive form of income, you could always hire a property manager. They can handle the day-to-day operation of your property leaving you with more time to focus on other investments. And while it may not be financially viable to hire a manager for a single-family rental, with a larger multifamily home it can work perfectly. Be sure to crunch the numbers to see if it makes sense on any given property.

3. Hot markets can lead to even better returns

The smartest investors take all the factors into consideration before making a purchase. And location is probably one of the biggest factors that affects real estate property. It’s important to remember that the properties you’re investing in don’t necessarily have to be near you, and you have the potential to benefit from investing in other markets throughout the country. Purchasing a multifamily property in an up-and-coming city, or a market that’s experiencing high growth, can lead to significant appreciation from demand on top of the rental income it will provide. If you take the time to find such a market, it can lead to great returns on your multifamily investment.

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