We're Heading to Las Vegas for the 7th Annual NACLB Conference!

That's right, RCN Capital is going to Vegas for the National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers Conference & Expo! This event is taking place from October 26th-28th at Caesars Palace on the strip.


The NACLB Conference is where the nation’s top commercial loan, leasing and mortgage brokers and lenders will converge to meet the top lenders and service providers that cater to the brokerage community. These brokers are responsible for over $5 billion in small business and commercial financing each year. The conference also provides education, seminars, panels, and networking between brokers, lenders, and service providers. There's even an annual poker tournament that's currently in its fifth year!

This year, RCN Capital will be hosting an after-hours cocktail party at 9:30 PM on Tuesday the 26th. Be sure to stop by to enjoy drinks, mingle, and meet some of our talented team!

More details on the NACLB Conference and RCN's after party are available here.