Uncontested Investing - What is Causing the US Housing Shortage with Suzanne Andresen

Uncontested Investing Podcast - June 18, 2024

Suzanne Andresen is the President and CRO of REI Ink, a leading real estate publication in the US and one of Uncontested Investing’s biggest partners in the real estate space. She is on the show today to give a little bit of her insights on the challenges of the housing market and what solutions we can provide as real estate investors. Listen now to learn more about REI Ink, how they are helping real estate investors move forward in different market conditions, and why Suzanne is passionate about educating people about the real estate investing space!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

01:23 What is causing the housing shortage in the US today?

02:31 How can the government help more people acquire homes?

06:37 How has REI Ink grown through the years?

08:54 What kind of impact has REI Ink had on real estate investors across the country?

09:43 What challenges does REI Ink face with a fully virtual structure?

11:19 How has Suzanne adjusted to being the president of REI Ink?

13:09 What is the biggest thing that can help investors succeed in real estate?

15:40 Why is it important to establish boundaries as you build your real estate portfolio?

17:59 How can your due diligence impact the success of your investment?

20:06 What is the best way to deal with deadlines?

22:58 What is the biggest deal maker or deal breaker in real estate?

25:02 Why is communication such an important factor in real estate investing?

27:05 How important is networking in real estate investing?

29:47 What is Suzanne passionate about outside of real estate?


“To me, it’s easier to answer a need in the moment than showing up on Monday and having 15, now significant needs, that require time.”

“Don’t extend yourself, don’t go out on a whim and think you can make it work. Make sure it works based upon the information and the due diligence you do behind that is paramount.”

“There’s a lot of information and new stuff for you to understand how to make your investment shine and make it a long term engagement for whatever the next step is.”


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