Uncontested Investing - The Keys to Finding Success in Entrepreneurship TODAY with Jon Hornik

Uncontested Investing Podcast - June 4, 2024

Jon Hornik is one of the most established leaders in the private lending industry. He is the Chair of LHRG’s prestigious Private Lender Law Group—representing over 100+ nationwide lenders, originators, investors, including top Wall Street banks and many others. He is on the show with us today to help us better understand what it truly takes to succeed and how you can get on the right track today.

Listen now to learn more about what Jon is focused on today and how new generation entrepreneurs can achieve success given the market and economic conditions we have!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

01:18 Why did Jon decide to start the Bold Moves podcast?

05:56 What is it like for Jon to take on the challenge of hosting a podcast?

07:01 Why is it important to always seek to learn more to grow?

09:44 What is the most important thing for Jon as a leader?

12:45 How did Jon’s team benefit from going back to the office?

16:50 How can you find success in entrepreneurship today?

19:32 Why is it important to love what you’re doing?

21:05 How can you develop a strong work ethic to achieve success?

24:00 What was the vision behind the National Private Lenders Association?

28:04 What is the difference between hard money lending and private lending?

30:05 What is the purpose of private lender law?

33:46 How can you make sure you’re getting a good deal from your lender?

36:04 Why is it important to cooperate with your lender?

38:12 What is Jon passionate about outside of private lending?

42:01 How does Jon overcome self-doubt?

44:19 How can you get in touch with Jon?


“If you’re gonna build a real organization that has enterprise value that someday, somebody may wanna buy or invest in, you need to constantly be evaluating how you do things and how to get better.”

“You could make up for a lack of experience and knowledge by work ethic and for investors out there, keep grinding. Keep working hard, don’t give up.”

“If you don’t love what you do, find what you love because you’ll never be great at something you don’t love.”


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