Uncontested Investing - How to Create and Manage a PROFITABLE Business with David Richter

Uncontested Investing Podcast - June 25, 2024

David Richter is a real estate investor, author, and the founder and owner of Simple CFO Solutions. He took the Profit First system developed by Mike Michalowicz and turned it into Profit First for Real Estate Investing, designed specifically to empower real estate professionals to make more profit and achieve financial freedom by gaining financial clarity and having control over their business finances. Listen now to learn more about the importance of managing your business’ finances and how the Profit First system can help you generate more profit as a business owner!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

00:40 What is David’s background?

02:42 How important is networking in real estate investing?

04:44 What was the turning point that gave David the idea for Simple CFO Solutions?

08:28 How does helping business owners with their numbers help change people’s lives?

10:44 How does the Profit First system help provide financial clarity?

13:13 What was it like for David to take the leap of faith for Simple CFO Solutions?

20:40 How does David’s passion give him confidence to do what he does best?

23:29 Why did David decide to start a podcast?

25:22 What has been the most challenging part of starting a podcast?

27:06 What is the biggest deal maker and deal breaker in business?

29:50 How important is your team to the success of your business?

33:48 How did David get to writing Profit First for Real Estate Investing?

36:39 Where can you get a copy of Profit First for Real Estate Investing?


“I would say networking is paramount. I don’t know if that’s a cliche statement now, but it is very true – your network is your net worth.”

“If you’re a real estate investor, you have to have that element of faith of diving into it and getting it up and running.”

“I want you to know that the key to any good thing here is the ability to ask great questions and to make your point as simple as possible.”


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