Uncontested Investing - Getting Real Estate Deals with Auction Houses with Danae Hill

Uncontested Investing Podcast - July 2, 2024

Danae Hill is the EVP of Auction Operations at Williams & Williams with decades of experience as a real estate agent before shifting her focus towards real estate investing. She is on the show with us today to talk about real estate opportunities in auctions and more.

Listen now to learn more about how communication can help you achieve success in real estate, how to find great deals in auctions, and why you should start getting involved in them!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

01:10 What is Danae’s background?

02:05 What has Danae learned through years of being a real estate agent?

03:50 How important has communication been in Danae’s journey?

05:32 How did Danae’s mentors help her get to where she is today?

07:54 What should entrepreneurs focus on to achieve success in business?

09:07 How can you improve your level of communication?

11:01 What has it been like for Danae to be the EVP of Auction Operations at Williams & Williams?

12:32 What is a successful auction like?

14:50 What kind of investors can find great deals in auctions?

16:37 What are the benefits of building relationships with auction houses?

19:02 What is the biggest deal breaker or deal maker in auctions?

20:24 What is Danae’s favorite part of her journey at Williams & Williams?

21:10 How has Danae’s agent background helped her at Williams & Williams?

22:35 What is Danae passionate about outside of real estate?


“The real estate business is driven by relationships, so as you develop those relationships, that’s where a lot of business comes from.”

“Communication is the core of my character, so my rule is I’m always answering emails, if my phone rings, I answer it. I’m constantly making myself available to have those conversations.”

“If I’m negotiating a deal with a buyer, I’m gonna be clear and concise in my message, and I’m gonna be comfortable with silence so I don’t have to fill every pause in communication with words.”


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