Uncontested Investing - The Power Relationship Equity in Business with Amy Kame

Uncontested Investing Podcast - July 9, 2024

Amy Kame is the Managing Director of the National Private Lenders Association and the Chief Strategy and Growth Officer of National Private Lenders Conference, Private Lender Law, and Private Lender Title. She is with us on the show to talk about her journey in private lending and leading multiple successful organizations.

Listen now to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at the NPLA and how you can grow into an effective leader for your organization!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

01:26 How important are relationships in real estate?

02:53 How has Amy’s athletic background influenced her leadership today?

06:02 What got Amy into the lending industry?

09:09 What are the biggest challenges in the lending industry today?

12:21 Why is it important to make time for yourself if you want to succeed?

16:14 What does Amy’s vetting process look like?

19:53 How does Amy’s education influence the way she works today?

23:08 What is the biggest deal breaker or deal maker in real estate?

26:10 How can you grow towards leadership in your career?

28:10 How did Amy’s coaching experience contribute to her leadership skills?

30:21 What are the goals of the National Private Lenders Association?

31:41 How does the NPLA keep up with regulations and policies that affect the industry?

35:14 What is Amy’s best moment as an athlete?


“Any of our organizations, we have to make sure that our values long-term are going to be aligned, and so we don’t get into these relationships lightly. We make sure that we’re doing right by our members.”

“I knew I could be successful because I could sit back and I could take in information, really read and understand what our members needs are, and then be able to take that information and execute for them.”

“A good leader to me enjoys everyone else’s success more than their own.”


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