Top Emerging Trends for New Construction Properties

Newly constructed homes present an opportunity for investors to make great returns through real estate. New properties generally sell for more than comparable homes of an older variety, and when built properly they will be worth more than the cost of labor and materials used to build them. In order to make the most of a new construction investment, you should look to follow trends in the real estate market for new homes. Building a home that has certain, in-demand features can lead to a higher final sale price that will maximize your return. Continue reading to learn about some of the trends you will want to incorporate with a new construction investment.

Energy efficiency

One of the fastest growing trends in the real estate industry is a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Most new homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, and things like energy-efficient lighting and appliances have the added benefit of reducing monthly bills. New homes are also often built with sustainable building materials to reduce the environmental impact of the building. As the world looks to become greener, these features will become more in demand and eventually become standard in all homes.

Flexible space

The pandemic and the huge shift to working from home that came from it has changed the way we view space in our homes. Mainly, folks started looking for ways to turn the extra space in rooms into makeshift offices. With the resulting increases in remote work and schooling, it can be beneficial to design homes with flexible spaces that can be easily converted for other purposes. The living room and bedrooms will generally work best here since they have the most space to work with, but another great place to design some flexible space for will be the kitchen. People spend lots of time in this room already, so it makes sense to have an added feature like an island where you can sit to get some work done.

Home Automation

Another rapidly growing trend in real estate is the smart automation of home functions. You probably already know someone who’s added voice-activated assistants or doorbell cameras to their homes. With a new property, you can take this concept to the next level. For example, there are smart thermometers which learn the routines of homeowners to saving them on their monthly bills. This is already a great feature, but you can also configure the thermometer to respond to commands from voice-activated assistants. These extra features can end up becoming key selling points, so consider adding some smart features to your next new construction investment.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Newly constructed properties are often designed to better utilize the outdoor space available to them. Things like covered patios and decks are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners desire more functional outdoor spaces. If you plan to add such a feature to your next project, be sure to design it well so that it can become a place for people to relax and enjoy for extended periods of time. Staging the area before sale can also increase its appeal to potential buyers.

Growing Cities

A good way to maximize the return of a real estate investment is to follow the trend of where people are moving to. Growing cities present a unique opportunity for a higher ROI with new properties, since by the time construction is completed your home is likely to have grown in value simply from demand. Some of the fastest growing markets in the US include Austin, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Nashville, and Charlotte. Taking the time to research growing markets and find a good place to build can be very beneficial to you as an investor.

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