RCN Capital's Ticket Broker Financing Program Featured in StackStreet Article

RCN Capital's TickeRCN Capital’s Ticket Broker Financing Program Featured in StackStreet Articlet Broker Financing Program was recently featured in an article on StackStreet.com. The article, authored by Greg Cohen, outlines the financing gap that the recently launched and well-received program fills in the $20 billion ticket industry. This financing option for ticket brokers is the first unsecured form of financing offered by RCN Capital. RCN Capital also provides ticket brokers with two separate primary forms of financing: A) a revolving line of credit using equity in real estate as collateral, and B) a transaction oriented financing program using the actual tickets in a given transaction as the collateral. Both programs continue to thrive as RCN Capital now also offers another line of credit that is unsecured. All current offerings are designed specifically for professionals in the secondary ticket market with multiple ways of providing flexibility to suit the needs of ticket brokers. Numerous ticket brokers nationwide have already been pre-approved for this new product.

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