RCN Capital will be in Nashville for the Mid-South Mortgage Expo!

Will you be in Nashville, TN on March 15th? Then you should come find us at the Mid-South Mortgage Expo! This year's conference is taking place at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Downtown Nashville.


From Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi, there’s no greater gathering of mortgage originators than the Mid South Mortgage Expo. In a convenient one-day format, don’t miss out on our lineup of engaging events centered around networking, skill-building, and having a great time with your peers at our amazing sessions.

Along with the many talented professionals lending their expertise at the expo, RCN Capital's own Business Development Coordinator Nathan Zielinski will be hosting a session on "Transitioning from the Refi Boom to Untapped Opportunities" at 9:45AM the day of the conference. This information filled session will teach you how to leverage fix & flip loans, long-term rental loans, and other private lending products to strengthen your business and set yourself up for long-term success. You will not want to miss this session!

Be sure to stop at the RCN Capital booth to meet our team and pick up some swag!

For more information on the Mid-South Mortgage Expo, click here.