Meet Our Team - Michael Carrozzella

Hi – my name is Michael Carrozzella, and I am a Loan Officer with RCN Capital. My primary responsibilities are pre-approving scenarios, providing loan terms, and facilitating in the entire pre-underwrite origination process.

How long have you been with the company?

I have been with RCN for about a year and a half, since August of 2019

How did you start your career at RCN Capital?

I was working as a “jack of all trades” for my family’s real estate company where I was handling roles from GC of ongoing flips, bookkeeping for the company financials, and prospecting for new deals both off and on market, whether that be through in-person meetings, showings, or off market leads sent our way.

What initially drew you to working at RCN?

What drew me to RCN was the ability to work for a larger company in the field I have loved since I was a kid, Real Estate. I have always enjoyed how different everyday can be in this industry and working for a national lender like RCN just seemed like the perfect fit for the skills I had at the time and the ones I was working on developing.

What/Who has been your biggest motivator in your current role?

My Father has been the biggest motivator of mine since I started at RCN. He has always shown a tremendous belief in my abilities and has pushed me to grow in every way possible.

I spend every Saturday morning with my father listening to any advice he has and learning many different aspects of Real Estate both residential and commercial on the investing side. His ability to push me and cheer me on as I work on becoming the best version of myself has helped me grow in my time at RCN.

It is also extremely motivating to show up every day and be surrounded by some of the highest producing Loan Officer's in the country and have managers who want and care so much for your success. To work in a place with these qualities along with so many others is extremely motivating and rewarding.

What’s one professional achievement that you feel especially proud of?

My biggest professional achievement I have to say would be completing my first flip last summer. I negotiated the purchase for an off-market sale in my hometown, then managed the entire renovation process start to finish and then listed and sold the completed project at the end. The property was a total gut of about 1500sqft and even had a swimming pool that had been left for dead that we ended up filling in. It was extremely challenging at times but very rewarding in the end to see the completed project that I had organized on my own. It’s something I have always wanted to do and I look forward to doing more projects like this in the future.

Biggest accomplishment since working for RCN.

My biggest achievement since starting at RCN would have to be closing the largest loan in the company’s history in January of last year. The deal required a lot of coordination with many of the departments internally and took a lot of work to stay ahead of any oncoming challenges prior to funding the loan.

What advice would you have for yourself 5/10 years ago?

The advice I would have for myself 5 to 10 years ago would be a few things:

  1. Life will throw many challenges your way, what will get you through them is your mindset and a belief that you can get through anything life throws at you.
  2. Work hard, expeditiously and with a purpose but make sure to take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Advice for someone who is just starting their career in this industry.

More specifically advice I would give to someone entering this field would be show integrity and care in all that you do.

Continue to listen to experts in the field and those you look up to. Everyone has a different way of seeing and doing things, it can be so beneficial to listen to and imitate the right people.

If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be and why?

If I could travel to one place in the world I would spend a few weeks traveling around Europe. I really enjoy looking at different styles of European Architecture. The ability to travel easily from country to country and see all the cultural differences, try all the amazing foods and see many of the world’s most prominent landmarks would be an incredible experience.

Michael Carrozzella

Michael Carrozzella, Loan Officer, joins the RCN team with a strong commitment towards going above and beyond to help any brokers and investors he deals with. Michael has 6+ years of Real Estate investment experience. He graduated from Central Connecticut State University in 2018. Michael holds a CT Real Estate License and comes from a background in Real Estate flipping and commercial investments as he gained this experience through working in his family run investment business over the past 6 years.