Meet Our Team - Jessica Edwardson

It's Meet the Team Monday! Say hello to Jessica Edwardson!

Jessica Edwardson

Jessica joined the RCN Capital team in May of 2022 as our Underwriting Manager and is located in our Charlotte, NC office! Jessica describes her role on the team as an honor, and she is proud to lead an amazing team of Mortgage Underwriters. She stated, "Together we ensure our customers and company are cared for by managing credit risk and operational risk, with the goal of helping our customers achieve financial success."

Jessica's favorite part of her job is helping people grow in their role and seeing "that ah-ha moment" in their eyes. We're very lucky to have her leading the Underwriting team. She works diligently to inspire others by helping them see their strengths and potential. She is a true believer that when people feel valued and appreciated, they will put greater effort into what they do. She does an incredible job of creating an environment of growth and showing her team members the importance of their contributions.

Having Jessica on the RCN Capital team is an honor, and we feel incredibly lucky to have her as a leader.