Meet Our Team - Christina Ruiz

Meet Our Team - Christina Ruiz

It's meet the team Monday! Say hello to our HR Generalist, Christina Ruiz!

Christina Ruiz

Christina joined the RCN Capital team in August of 2022 with the goal of making a difference in our employees' day to day lives. She finds joy in the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals. Pursuing a career that not only allows her to serve as a valuable resource to her colleagues but also to make a meaningful difference in someone's life is something Christina finds immensely fulfilling. The enduring impressions are the rewards she cherishes the most. 

We asked Christina to describe her day to day job role, and this was her response: 

"As an HR Generalist you wear many hats. It’s like being the office superhero, swooping in to resolve conflicts faster than a speeding bullet. You’re the one who knows everyone’s birthday, with the expectations of being the master of benefits, the guru of recruitment, and the oracle of employee relations. You’re like the office’s very own Google - you have answers to everything, from “How many vacation days do I have left?” to “How do I handle a difficult coworker?” And just like Google, you’re expected to keep all that information confidential. In short, being an HR Generalist is like being a juggler at a circus, only instead of juggling balls or flaming torches, you’re juggling people, paperwork, and a whole lot of responsibility. But hey, no pressure, I love what I do!" 

We're incredibly lucky to have someone like Christina on our team who cares so deeply and understands the unique perspective of each of our employees. Thank you Christina for all that you do!