Meet Our Team - Chris Conklin

It's meet the team Monday! Meet Chris Conklin, a Team Loan Officer at RCN Capital.


Chris started as a Lead Development Specialist in November of 2021 and quickly moved up to be one of our first Team Loan Officers. He coordinates the whole loan process from start to finish. From quoting out new potential deals, to helping get the file through Processing, Underwriting, and finally assisting the Closing Team with anything they may need.

One thing that Chris enjoys about his job is being the point-of-contact for all Brokers and Borrowers. Communicating with all the different investors allows him to meet many different people and discuss real life scenarios that may even apply to his own life one day. Meeting a variety of people and hearing their personal stories creates a job that Chris finds interesting and enjoyable.

Chris's organization, attention to detail, and charming charisma allows him to excel as a Loan Officer here at RCN Capital. He's a bright smile to talk to and can always fit a pun into any conversation! We're very lucky to have him on our team.