Local Private Lending Expert Addresses National Conference

IMG_8744Jeff Tesch, Managing Director of RCN Capital, has been invited to address Pitbull’s 32nd National Hard Money Conference on February 20th, 2014 in Ft. Lauderdale. The conference is billed as the definitive answer in creating a high income career in real estate banking and hard money lending.

“I look forward to participating at this conference. RCN takes pride in contributing to a positive impact on local communities across the country. By funding residential rehabilitation projects, we help maintain or even boost local property values through the use of local labor and business services. Our funds create an average of 15-20 jobs per project,” says Tesch. “Our loans have been used to finance new construction, provide bridge loans, fund the purchase of non-owner occupied properties and provide real estate-backed lines of credit. In these economic times, real estate investors have seen great opportunities in the housing renovation market.”

Pitbull founder Leonard Rosen stated, “My experience tells me that most brokers, lenders and real estate investors never come close to reaching their income potential in hard money lending. The reasons are simple; most lending professionals spend their time spinning their wheels instead of converting their time into revenue producing efforts. You need to know what to ask the borrower to flush out the real information regarding the loan scenario.”

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