Join Us for the NYC Real Estate Expo!

Are you eager to keep up with the current trends in the real estate industry? Or maybe, are you looking to sharpen your knowledge of the industry as a whole? Well then the NYC Real Estate Expo is perfect for you! This year the Expo is being held virtually, every day this week from 9am-5pm EST. The best part about it, registration is completely free!


NYC Real Estate Expo brings together top commercial and residential real estate professionals for networking and learning opportunities. This year, the event will offer networking & webinars on 100+ topics and speakers from top real estate companies. This event enables you and your team to meet top influencers around the globe including brokers, bankers, mortgage companies, investors, landlords, attorneys, insurance companies, marketing, social media experts, and business owners.

Along with the many talented speakers lending their expertise at the event, RCN Capital's very own CEO, Jeffrey Tesch will be featured on a panel called "The Power of Single-Family Commercial Loans in the Residential World" at 10:00AM on November 18th. You can register for the webinar for free here.

For more details on NYC Real Estate Expo, click here.