How to Find the Right Hard Money Lender

Real estate investing has proven to be one of the most lucrative ways to build wealth and diversify your portfolio. Because there are many ways to get started in real estate investing, it can be confusing to figure out the right option for you. One way many investors have found success is through hard money loans. In this blog, we’ll review what a hard money loan is, and how you can find the right hard money lender for your investment property.

What are Hard Money Loans?

A hard money loan is a short-term financing option offered by a private investor. Unlike banks who look at your credit score and income for loan approval, hard money lenders focus more on whether your investment makes financial sense and use your property as collateral instead. Many investors choose hard money loans when they can’t get a loan from a bank, or because they typically don’t take as long to process which can speed up the turnaround time. Due to the nature of these loans, they are very common for people looking to fix and flip properties.

How to Find a Hard Money Lender

There are a couple ways to start your search for a hard money lender. Here are three quick and easy ways to begin:

Google: Though it may be obvious, start by googling hard money lenders in your area. You can quickly compile a list of lenders and then contact and evaluate which lender is right for you.

Social media: Social media is a great way to either connect with or inquire about local services. You can ask friends, family, or public groups for recommendations, and there’s a better chance you’ll find someone you know who has experience with a lender they trust.

Network with Professionals: real estate agents, brokers or other professionals who have experience with investing can be a good source when it comes to finding hard money lenders and can easily connect you with experienced lenders.

Finding the Right Hard Money Lender

Once you’ve gathered your prospective lenders, there’s a few key things you want to pay attention to when choosing the best fit for you.

Reputation: Check online reviews and ask around to get feedback from past clients. This can give you a lot of insight into how they manage their client relations.

Flexibility: a good lender should be able to work closely with you and give you a tailored experience.

Speed: Reputable hard money lenders shouldn’t have complicated approval processes and won’t make you wait for funding.

Know Your Hard Money Needs

There are many reasons people get into real estate investing. Before you sign on with a lender, be transparent about what type of investor you are. Are you looking to fix and flip houses? Buy to rent? Knowing what type of investor you are will help you find the best lender for you at the right rate. Some hard money lenders only provide loans for residential real estate, where other lenders have multiple loan programs for all kinds of investment opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Hard money loans can be a great financing option when you can’t qualify for traditional financing, or you’re looking for a quicker funding process. Working with a trusted lender is the best way to ensure the process is swift and you achieve a good rate of return on your property.

RCN Capital | Connecticut Hard Money Lender

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