7 Ways to Flip Houses with No Money

House flipping is all about buying a run-down house, remodeling and repairing it, and selling it for profit. It is a great way to start your real estate career, as you can make a great return fast. But if you are new to the game, there is much to learn. For newbies low on funds and credit, here are 7 ways to flip houses with little to no money. This isn’t an empty promise; flipping houses is very much possible without putting in lots of money.

7 Ways to Flip Houses with No Money

Let’s explore how you can flip houses without upfront capital and still earn a profit.

Find Partners

One of the best ways to fund your flipping is to find someone who can be your “sleeping” (non-active) partner. Your partner can be anyone who has money and is interested in making money from real estate. This partnership is 50/50, where you put in all the work, and your partner puts in all the money. This partner can be your co-worker, friend, or even a relative willing to start a partnership based on trust. You can even seek out other real estate investors or agents who know the market well.

Hard Money Lenders 

The second way is to get in touch with hard money lenders. Yes, they charge higher interest rates, but they don't fuss about your credit score. Most banks and lenders will turn you down if you don't have a good credit score, but with hard money lenders it’s less of a factor. Their concern is the potential of the investment and the after-repair value of the property. The best way to work with a hard money lender is to pay off their loan as soon as possible; the longer you hold the property, the more you will have to pay. Hard money lenders regularly charge a premium over the standard 30-year mortgage rate.

Private Lenders

A private investor is usually a friend or family member who has the money and is willing to lend it to you without charging you an arm and leg in interest. It is the best funding you will find when flipping houses without money. Private lenders aren’t looking for work or putting in the effort; they have funds lying around in banks, mutual funds, IRAs, or even inheritance money. Private lenders are better than hard money lenders because you have an advantage over them. You can set the deal, rates, and rules. Enticing a private money lender is easy; just offer them a decent interest rate, and they will be on your side before you know it.


Here is another way of making money by flipping houses without taking ownership. In wholesaling, the investor will find a house, negotiate the deal, do all the work, and then find a buyer to put in the money and buy the house. Here, the investor is acting like a middleman. Profit, in this case, depends on the deal you negotiate with the seller and the buyer. Once you have found the two parties and taken your share, the investor is the one who closes the deal on the terms you have negotiated with the seller.


Crowdfunding is yet another way of finding money for house flipping. However, it’s not a very popular way of doing so. In crowdfunding, you find a large number of investors who chip in funds to accommodate your flipping and, in return, earn from the interest they get with the repayment of their loan.

Crowdfunding isn’t a popular option because it’s tedious work; you will need all investors to agree on it, and you have a very small window for negotiating your terms.

Seller financing

Seller financing isn’t easy to find or very popular, but it’s yet another option when regular banks and investors aren’t keen on funding you. With selling financing, you can remodel and flip the house for profit, all with the seller funding the flip. Here, you will need a good credit score and a down payment, albeit a smaller one, to secure the deal with the seller.

Traditional Banks

Last but not least are the banks. Yes, banks fund loans for flipping, but they aren't a popular option because they take their sweet time approving the loan, they need good credit, and their terms aren’t always in your favor, especially when it comes to down-payments.  

And there you have it; now you have the insider’s scoop on how to fund your flipping without putting in any money from your end.

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