5 Features to Incorporate in a New Construction Property

The prospect of a new construction property can be very appealing to investors, especially in a market that’s in need of home supply more than ever. Building homes to sell for profit can be a great idea, since often a home will be worth more than the materials and labor used to construct it. But once you’ve found a good market and a great location, you’ll need to design and build a home that will actually net you a profit. The features you choose to include will need to add value to the property, and you also want to avoid any features that may not appeal to everyone’s tastes as they’ll just be a waste of your budget. If you’re looking for some direction in this area, look no further, since we’ve put together a list of the best features to incorporate in a residential construction project.

Open concept

There’s no doubt that open concept floor plans are all the rage with newly constructed homes, and for good reason. An open concept usually means more space, and it also makes smaller areas feel more spacious than they really are. There are several ways to incorporate it with a newly constructed home, but you can start by utilizing tall ceilings when designing the property. Some of the best spaces to make use of tall ceilings would be the living room, dining room, and hallways throughout the home. Another great feature to include are pass-through walls (which instead use pillars for support). This element allows rooms to flow into each other and helps contribute to the open feeling of the design.

Natural light

Another concept that’s in high demand with modern homes is making good use of natural light. A great way to do this by adding bay windows and doors, which are usually twice as large (or more) than their standard counterparts. Not only does this help brighten up the interior of the home, but it looks great from the outside, and it gives residents more chances to enjoy nature from the comfort of their homes. A great element to consider here is full floor-to-ceiling windows, although the high cost of installing such a feature may outweigh their benefit. Finally, for rooms that don’t have many windows, you can include a skylight to add some much needed light to those darker areas.

A neutral color palette

When building a property to sell, you don’t want your design decisions to put off any potential buyers. For that reason, it’s best to stick to a neutral color palette when picking paint and furniture. Generally, lighter and muted colors will do better since they’ll have a broader appeal than dark or vibrant tones. If you do want to add some life to rooms, consider adding stylistic decorations like paintings or sculptures that can be easily removed by the buyer afterwards. Choosing lighter colors, combined with natural light and an open concept design, can lead to a much larger feeling space in the home.

Staged rooms

Staging your rooms is a great way to bring them to life, and it can also help you receive more offers when it comes time to sell. A good listing combined with staged rooms can lead to more demand for your property, and an even higher sale price. The rooms that will benefit the most from being furnished are the living room, bedrooms, and dining room. These areas tend to photograph great, and you should look to feature them as the focal point of your listing.

Matching and complimentary hardware

Besides furnishing some of the rooms, you will want to take some extra care when finishing the kitchen and bathrooms. Cabinets and countertops should be complimentary with one another, and should match the style of the room they are going into. In the kitchen, you should also choose appliances that mesh with the room’s styling. These smaller details may not seem significant, but when they are all taken care of they really help the home feel well-designed and complete.

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