RCN Capital’s First Habitat for Humanity Build

RCN Habitat

A team of 24 employees from RCN Capital spent the day with the Hartford Chapter of Habitat for Humanity on Friday, October 14th.  We were there to participate in the 2016 two week long Build-A-Thon. This year’s Build-A-Thon was put together in an effort to winterize Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity construction sites. The Habitat for Humanity Build-A-Thon brings together volunteers from various companies and small businesses throughout the Greater Hartford area to work towards the same goal. The goal, to help the Habitat Team build simple, affordable housing for working families in the area.

Founded in 1989 the Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. In its 27-year history Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity has built over 214 homes in the Greater Hartford Area and over 270 homes internationally.

Building in Hartford is an important step to helping the community grow and flourish. In Hartford the homeownership rate is only at about 24%, and these affordable homes from Habitat for Humanity help first time home buyers in the local area. Hartford ranks eight in the state of Connecticut for homeownership rates below New Haven with 28% homeownership and Bridgeport at 40%. As part of the Build-A-Thon our RCN team worked on three side by side single family homes located on Main Street in Hartford.

RCNC HabitatWhen our RCN Capital build team arrived to the build site, we were read off the tasks that needed to be completed for the day. This list included; framing windows, securing windows, adding vinyl siding to two of the homes, securing the newly raised roof and other tasks.

After we fastened our tool belts, and slid on our safety glasses, and slipped on gloves we were set up with an instructor. My group was focused on adding vinyl siding to the middle house in the row of three. Our instructor explained safety measure, how to use a table saw, and how to cut out sections of the siding to fit around windows and doors. The instructors patiently explain each step, going into details as to why it needs to be done and never seemed stressed when we made measurement mistakes.

Working together was a great opportunity to spend time with co-workers from other departments outside of the office. It gave us a chance to interact with each other face to face and not just via email.

Overall, we were extremely excited that our company was able to be part of the 2016 Build-A-Thon and that by helping complete the tasks on the build site, we are helping new families become first time homeowners.

Thank you Hartford Habitat for Humanity for having RCN Capital as part of your Build-A-Thon!

To volunteer contact volunteer@hartfordhabitat.org.RCN Habitat

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