Massive Response to RCN Capital’s Ticket Financing Programs

Massive Response to RCN Capital’s Ticket Financing Programs

RCNC BoothCash flow is a critical element for any successful business and it is no different for those involved in the business of purchasing tickets to sell them across distribution networks for a profit. Ticket Brokers use a variety of tools and methods to finance operations to include self-funding, credit cards, lines of credit, and outside investors. RCN Capital has expanded its product offerings to include a new method for ticket brokers to obtain assistance with cash flow and funding in general.

RCN Capital recently launched a new financing program for ticket brokers, and the response to this program has been extremely positive. This financing option is the first unsecured form of financing offered by RCN Capital. Prior to this product launch, RCN Capital provided ticket brokers with two primary forms of financing: A) a revolving line of credit using equity in real estate as collateral, and B) a transaction oriented financing program using the actual tickets in a given transaction as the collateral. Both programs continue to thrive as RCN Capital now also offers another line of credit that is unsecured. All current offerings are designed specifically for professionals in the secondary ticket market with multiple ways of providing flexibility to suit the needs of ticket brokers. Numerous ticket brokers nationwide are pre-approved for this new product.

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