Jeff Tesch

Managing Director Jeff Tesch Featured in Community Investor™ Magazine

RCN Capital is thrilled to annouInterior 1nce that Managing Director Jeff Tesch has been featured as a contributor in an article in the Community Investor™ magazine. The piece, entitled “Not-So-Risky Business”, addressed how the most successful investors are often those who take calculated risks based on factors such as research, patience and sound advice. Also included in the article was information and guidance from four other industry experts from around the nation.

Community Investor™, the media centerpiece of the Affinity Enterprise Group of companies (AEG), was incorporated in early 2013 as a way to “educate investors, foster community development, and elevate the standards of conduct and ethics in the real estate industry nationwide”. With the resource came Community Investor Magazine, reaching more than 23,000 individual subscribers in addition to the more than 30,000 subscribers that are reached through the e-newsletter.

To view the article from the January/February edition of the Community Investor™ magazine, click here.

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