Real Estate 101:
Your Real Estate Investing Plan

Are you looking to step into the world of real estate investing? Or maybe trying to brush up on your real estate investing knowledge? Join RCN Capital and our partners at Housefolios for a video series on the basics of real estate investing and the importance of crafting a solid plan to increase your chances of success in this competitive and rewarding industry.

This video series is the perfect way for a beginner investor to familiarize themselves with all the different facets of real estate investing. It starts with helping you build your why, so that you can have a solid foundation and direction for your investing goals.

From there, Part B of the series covers the different types of real estate investments and exit strategies so you can find the ones that best fit your goals and risk tolerance.

Part C of the video series covers more advanced topics like structuring a real estate company, finding good properties, and how to determine the value of a deal. It ends with exploring the different ways to finance your investments, how to improve rental property returns, and the importance of working with partners to take your business to the next level.

Our video series is filled with great information that can help you find success on your real estate investing journey. The best part is, it’s completely free! Just fill out the form to receive a link to the series.

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