Chris McAuliffe

Chicago-based Loan Officer Featured in RealtyTrac’s Housing News Report

Chris McAuliffeRCN Capital’s newest Loan Officer, Chris McAuliffe, has been featured in an article in RealtyTrac’s monthly issue of Housing News Report. The piece, entitled “Flipping ‘Affordable Green’”, shines light on the experience and innovation that he brings to flipping properties. As the owner of CM Real Estate Development, McAuliffe made a name for himself by not only preserving 100-year old homes in the Chicago area, but also flipping them into environmentally friendly, energy efficient homes.

“We are excited to welcome someone with so much knowledge and experience to RCN Capital,” said Jeffrey Tesch, Managing Director. “We look forward to working with Chris and continuing to make our presence known in the Chicago market.”

To view the article from this month’s issue of Housing News Report, click here and turn to page 15.

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