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Take A Look at This Property In Amityville, NY!

Repeat borrower looking to refinance debt on 6 properties and put a cash-out to fund other investments. Collateral generates a combined total of $19,200 per month in rents. Properties appraised for a combined $2,276k As-Is. Sponsor on the loan has good credit of 730 with bank statements upwards of $152k in assets/liquidity. Total loan amount …

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A Funded Flip in Orlando, FL!

Repeat borrower taking on another fix & flip project. The property was acquired for $159,900 with the intention of spending $23,370 on rehab before listing for resale. Borrower has great credit of 765. RCN was able to provide a loan at 81% of the As-Is Value.

A Funded Flip in Aston, Pennsylvania!

Highly experienced investors looking to purchase a subject property in Aston, Pennsylvania came to RCN Capital looking to utilize the 12M Fix & Flip Program. The subject has been appraised for $185K As-Is with an ARV of $280K. The exit strategy for this project is to sell upon completion of renovations.

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