Long-Term Rental

Check Out This Long-Term Rental In Mesquite, Texas!

A repeat borrower and experienced investor is looking to refinance existing debt on a subject property and cash-out to fund other investments located in Mesquite, Texas. The project is a Single-Family Residential (SFR) rental that is currently leased for $1,975 per month, which falls in line with the appraiser’s estimate of market rent. Overall, the …

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Look at This Refinance in Clarksville, Tennessee!

An experienced borrower was looking to utilize the 30 Year Long-Term Rental (LTR) program to refinance a ranch style Single-Family Residential (SFR) project in Clarksville, Tennessee. The borrower initially purchased the project for $30k in December 2019. This property has been appraised for $150k As-Is. As a result, RCN Capital was able to provide the $56k …

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Look at this Long Term Rental in Portsmouth!

An experienced borrower came to RCN Capital looking to refinance a subject property from Portsmouth, Virginia into the Long Term Rental Program. This Single-Family Residential (SFR) was acquired for $65,000 in January 2020. This subject has received about $41,000 for renovations. It is now leased and generating a monthly rent of $1,200/month!

Single Family Residential – Fort Worth, TX

An experienced borrower (20+ total verified), who was looking to do a Cash Out on the subject property and continue to hold it as an investment property. This single-family property was originally purchased for $102K. The subject property is currently leased for $1,450/Month, which is in line with the market rent. Loan Amount: $133,332

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