Fix & Lease

Single-Family Residential

The borrower is an experienced investor who holds two other rental properties in the area. This property is also currently held as a rental unit as well. The borrower is looking to take cash out of this property to put towards the purchase of another investment property. The borrower has good income, excellent experience and average credit. The borrower also plans to refinance through a stated program. The term for this loan is 12 months.

Single-Family Residential

This property deal is a cash out refinance. Funds will be used for the purchase of another investment property. The borrower’s exit strategy will be to refinance the property with a conventional loan. The home is 1,710 square feet and was built in 2006.

Palm Bay, Florida

Single-Family Residential

Repeat borrowers and experienced investors who have been acquiring rental properties in Florida over the past several years. RCN Capital closed a few loans to these investors in 2015 which have since been paid off. Borrowers anticipate on spending about $10K on rehab and RCN Capital was able to provide a loan at 65% of the After-Repair-Value. The borrowers will refinance the property to hold as a rental investment property.

Apartment Building

Multi-Family Residential

Borrower is looking to acquire funding to purchase the multi-family property with no renovations are needed. The borrower wanted to purchase the property quickly to then refinance with a conventional lender in the near future. RCN Capital was able to provide a loan at 70% LTV for this investor.


Single-Family Residential

For this purchase of a beautiful single-family home the borrower was looking to acquire the property as a long term rental investment. No renovations were needed for the property thus RCN Capital was able to provide the borrower with funding for the acquisition.


Single Family Residential

The borrower was looking to purchase the single family house to utilize as a rental property. Since the borrower had experience with owning and operating other rental properties, RCN Capital was able to provide a loan for 69% of the After-Repair-Value of the property. The borrower plans to refinance traditionally once this project is complete.

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