Fix & Flip

Recent Loan – Columbia, SC

An experienced borrower that was looking to take on a fix and flip project in Columbia, SC. The Return-On-Investment for this subject property is 7.82%, but debt yield passes at 14.13%. With $15K in renovation costs and an LTV of 80%, the project’s ARV is $145K.

Miami, FL

Single-Family Residential – Miami, FL

Experienced borrower looking to fix and flip the subject property in Miami, Florida. RCN Capital was able to provide a 12 month loan at a 79% LTV. The investor is planning on spending $55K on renovations. The plan for this subject property is to renovate and sell it upon completion. Total Loan Amount: $238,100

Single-Family Residential – Grayslake, IL

Experienced borrower with great credit looking for a 12-month loan to purchase this single-family property located in Grayslake, Illinois.  RCN was able to provide a loan at 75% LTV.  As no renovations are needed, the property is ready to be held as a rental unit.  Total loan amount: $258,750.  

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