RCN Capital, LLC Broker Rewards Program – Terms and Conditions:

These rewards are gifts only and do not represent a contract between RCN and the broker in any way. RCN reserves the right to terminate this program at any time, and broker agrees that any Closed Loans that may have counted toward a reward prior to the termination of the program does not constitute a property right in the reward and cannot thereafter collect it or any commensurate monetary value.

“Closed Loans” for the purposes of this rewards program means a loan that you have referred to RCN and that RCN closed and funded under its own name, and for which broker received a fee or commission.

The contents of the bag of “RCN Swag” a broker may receive are at the complete discretion of RCN. RCN explicitly disclaims any warranties, implied or otherwise, as to the contents of the bag of “RCN Swag”, and makes no representations as to their value, fitness, fitness for a particular purpose, safety, or intended use. Broker’s receipt of the bag of “RCN Swag” is broker’s waiver of liability against RCN for any use of the contents of the bag.

The “$50 Gift Card” which a broker may receive is limited to the list of gift cards provided by RCN for broker to choose from. RCN is not affiliated with any of the gift card companies or the companies where the gift cards may be redeemed. Broker’s receipt of the gift card is broker’s waiver of liability against RCN for any use or non-use of the gift card. Broker acknowledges that they will be bound by any terms and conditions of the gift card.

The trade show attendance and hotel stay are limited to the trade shows listed on the calendar provided and within the allotted date range. RCN maintains complete discretion over the choice of hotel, but will to the best of its ability choose the trade show-sponsored hotel for the chosen trade show. Should that hotel be unavailable or otherwise not acceptable to RCN, RCN will choose a comparable hotel. The length of stay in the hotel will be available only for the length of the trade show. RCN will only cover the cost of the room. RCN will not cover the cost of any amenities which are not included in the room price (e.g. snacks, PPV movies, room service, long distance calls, etc.), nor will RCN cover damage to the room caused by broker or any invitee of broker. Brokers are subject at all times to the rules and regulations of the hotel and the trade show. Should broker be cited for any breach of those rules or regulations, RCN may at its discretion decline to cover the cost of attendance or the hotel stay.

Participants in RCN’s Broker Rewards Program grant to RCN Capital, LLC the right and permission to print, publish, broadcast, and use worldwide in any form of media, at any time, participant’s name and information for advertising, trade, and promotional purposes without additional consideration, compensation, permission or notification.

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