Referral Partnership

RCN Capital offers simple referral
options for real estate agents

Why Choose RCN Capital?

RCN Capital is a commercial lender, meaning real estate agents can get paid on referrals without worrying about violating residential guidelines. If you are interested in receiving more information about RCN Capital’s Referral Program, please fill out the contact form below to receive RCN’s Referral Registration Package.


Direct PRivate Lender

As a direct lender, RCN Capital takes a common sense approach to underwriting


Fast Pre-Approvals

RCN Capital can pre-approve deals within 24-hours of receiving a completed application package.


Quick Closings

RCN Capital can close in as few as 10 business days meaning you get paid faster.


Get Paid More Often

RCN Capital will pay for every referral that results in a closed loan including  repeat business.

Referral Partner Registration Form

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